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EcoPol Symposium 2024

EcoPol Symposium 2024 is the presentation of the Final Master Projects (TFM) from the students of the 5th edition of the Masters Degree in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice, co-organized by ICTA-UAB and Research and Degrowth International.

It takes place presentially, on March 20th at Research and Degrowth offices at Idra, (c. Balmes 13, Barcelona) and on March 21st at ICTA-UAB, from 9am to 6pm. A closing event will take place on Friday 22nd at Palau Alós (c. de Sant Pere Més Baix, 55), at 6.30pm.

For those unable to come, the first 2 days of the Symposium are also live-streamed here (or specified below with an alternative special link)


Day 1 – March 20th Idra

9-11am: Panel of Internship Reports – international organizations (Friends of the Earth, European Environmental Bureau, Naturfreunde, Sinonvirgule)

11.30am-1.30pm: Panel of of Internship Reports – local organizations (Observatori Deute Globalització, Environmental Justice Atlas, Ecologistes en Acció, Wastepickers Alliance)

1.30-4pm: Panel on Food and Agriculture

4-6pm: Panel on miscellaneous topics – gentrification, socio-ecological models and indicators, open knowledge.

Day 2 – March 21st ICTA

9-11am Parallel session 1 Panel on Resilience Earth research projects and internship (special livestream link)

9-11am Parallel session 2 Panel on Alternative Economies and Alliances

11am-1pm Conference and Round Table: Carlos Taibo “Por una ecologia libertarian”

2-4pm Parallel session 3 Panel on Local and global decoloniality issues

2-4pm Parallel session 4 Panel on Unequal exchange, Migration and Local folklore (special livestream link)

3-5pm Parallel session 5 Panel on Gramscian approaches, Market socialism (special livestream jitsi link)

4-6pm Panel on Environmental Conflicts

Day 3 – March 22nd Palau Alós

6.30pm Theatre performance and forum on mining and development

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