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The application process for the 22/23 academic year is now open until end of July. If there are still spots available admissions will be extended into August. Please write to if you have any questions.

The admission process serves to ensure that all students meet the program’s requirements and thus guarantee an optimal work environment during the course. To apply for admission you can do it online or in person, and in both cases, you will need to provide the required documents.

In the event of places remaining once the final date of application is expired, the coordination may prolong it.

30.21 €  (fixed registration fee, non-refundable and not included in the program price).

If you choose to pay by POS (card) you will need to complete the payment during the application process, inside the application.

Online or in-person application:

Online application:

Very important: before registering in the application, you must carefully read the information you will find on this page to have the required documentation ready and confirm that you meet the access requirements and that the registration process is open.

The application interface will ask you to specify the codes of study and edition of the program to which you want to enroll. Data from this program are: Study: 3853 and Edition: 5

To fulfill the application you need a NIU (UAB’s University Identification Number). Choose the appropriate option for your case:

On the online inscription platform here (which is only available in Catalan and Castilian) you will be asked to sign up in the UAB system by entering your personal data in “Datos identificativos”, “Datos personales” and “Datos de contacto del solicitante”. You’ll obtain the NIU (i.e. University identification number) and be able to log in the system here.

Then, you have to look for the master program 3853/4 – Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice and do the pre-registration (pre-inscripción) by submitting your documentation and pay the administrative fee.

If you have any further questions, please check the video tutorials at the bottom of this page.

In-person application:
You must make an appointment request through our appointments’ application.

Application Calendar
from 20/04/2021 to 01/09/2021

Application for admission from April 20th to May 27th 2021

Application for admission from May 28th to July 27th 2021

Application for admission from July 28th to September 20th, 2021

We encourage early applications within the first and second application period. Only in the event of places remaining once the second period is finished will the coordination prolong it by opening up the extraordinary period of application.

Required documentation (PDFs only)
– Official Bachelor Degree (if still pending, please click here. Please notice that according to UAB policies you must have your bachelor’s degree before the starting date of the masters). Please read carefully the information regarding the formalities of the Bachelor’s Degree here.
– Academic transcript
– DNI, NIE, TIE or valid passport
– CV with 2 contacts for references
– Motivation Letter (max 2 pages)

Please note that applicants will only be considered once they have submitted all the required documentation, in PDF format.

Admission requirements
– Undergraduate degree
– Knowledge of written and spoken English

Selection criteria
The selection of students will be carried out taking into account:
– Relevant studies (40%)
– Relevant experience (30%)
– Motivation (30%)

Notice of admission

The admission resolution will be sent to the e-mail address you specify when you fill the application. In this e-mail, you will receive detailed information about the enrolment procedure.

The resolution will not be published on the web. All communication will be via e-mail.

Be sure to check your e-mail spam folder. Sometimes messages are treated as spam.      


Once you have been admitted and have received the Notice of Admission, you must confirm your enrollment by registering on the UAB website within 10 days. If by that date we haven’t received your registration we will give up your application. Please only register if you are sure you will do the masters and you are able to pay the tuition fee according to the information below.

The full tuition fee must be paid within 20 days MAX of receiving the Notice of Admission. If you do not reserve your place by paying the tuition fee within the set period, we reserve the right to assign it to another applicant.


You can pay in one of two ways:

  • With credit or debit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted).
  • By bank transfer.

Online or in-person enrolment:

If you pass admission, you will receive the instructions to enroll via e-mail. Obviously, you cannot enroll without having been admitted.

You can enroll online or in-person:

Online Enrolment:

The application interface will ask you to specify the codes of study and the edition of the program to which you want to enroll. Data from this program are: Study: 3853 and Edition: 5

To fulfill the application you need a NIU (UAB’s University Identification Number). Choose the appropriate option for your case:

If you choose to pay by POS (card) and you don’t pay the fee during enrolment, you can do it later through this link.

In person Enrolment:

You can also enroll in person, coming to the User Information Office with an appointment. Maps and schedules.

Handbook for the online enrolment – UAB Specific Master’s Degrees and Graduate Diplomas (format PDF)

Handbook for the NIU obtention (format PDF)

Remember that if you enroll online, it will be necessary for you to send the application documentation to the Graduate School via certified mail. You can also bring it in person, with previous appointment), either the certified copies or the original documents (they can be certified at UAB).

Contact the coordinator if you have any questions.


3960 €

Special prices

Special price only for UAB Alumni Premium: 3564 €

Group of application:



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