ICTA-R&D Master in Political Ecology: Inscriptions for the academic year 2019-2020 are now open!

You can access all the information about the inscription process here and the online inscription platform here (which is only available in Catalan and Castilian).

There, you are asked to sign up in the UAB system by entering your personal data in “Datos identificativos”, “Datos personales” and “Datos de contacto del solicitante”. You’ll obtain the NIU (i.e. University identification number) and be able to log in the system here.
Then, you have to look for the master programme 3853/2 – Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmenta Justice and do the pre-registration (pre-inscripción) by submitting your application (CV, bachelor/master’s certificate or transcripts, Motivation letter and 2 contacts for references) and pay the administrative fee.

The deadline of the inscription process would be about the end of September 2019. But you don’t have to wait until then. As soon as you apply, more possibilities you will have to be accepted in the master.

The selection process will take place from June to August. Ten to fifteen candidates will be selected at the end of June, July and August, until reaching the maximum of 35 students. Candidates not selected in the first and/or second rounds, will be considered in the following deadlines (July and/or August).

Once you are selected, you have to register in the master (matrícula) and pay the tuition fee (3960€).
We will appreciate your confirmation to register in the master one week after the communication of admission. In this way we will be able to make the waiting list run in case you decide not to enroll in the master.

As you know, this is a self-funded master, which is completely funded by students fees. This means that the master will run with a minimum of 15 students (and a maximum of 35).

This is a one-year 60 ECTS programme, tuition fees 3,960 EUR (the minimum our University allows charging for this number of credits).

If you are interested in joining this master, have a look at the program with detailed information about the courses. The master’s website (master.degrowth.org) will be updated soon with frequent questions and answers.