This a new Masters, the first internationally on Political Ecology, offering courses in core competencies of our group in Barcelona: the theory and practice of degrowth, environmental conflicts, and justice, and commons and the solidarity economy. The Masters builds on a successful 7-year series of Summer Schools on Environmental Justice and Degrowth, and two ongoing ERC projects on global and urban environmental justice.

This is a master propio and on its own does not lead to doctoral studies. The program focuses on the theoretical, methodological, and professional capacity building for young people who want to work in the Social and Solidarity Economy, public administration, Environmental Justice Organizations, think tanks, and consultancies. The courses are of the highest academic level, taught by well-published and active in research academics, so it can also be pursued by people who already have a master’s (or even a doctorate), and want to shift towards research on degrowth and environmental justice.

We strive to include a decolonial perspective in the master though it is important to note that most of the teachers are researchers from and trained in, Europe and the Global North.

It will run with 20 up to 35 students and will cost 3960 EUR for 60 ECTS


The first term will consist of theoretical/foundational courses on degrowth, environmental justice, alternative economics, political ecology, and the theory of the commons.

The second term will provide specialized courses on methodological tools such as Q-methodology, metabolic analysis, multi-criteria evaluation, alongside professional development courses, such as courses on setting up a social business, writing for the press, running an NGO campaign, or how to engage policy-making on the local level.

The third term will consist of the final project. This will be conducted in groups and consist of making a movie, writing an article for a newspaper, preparing a business plan for a social enterprise, or organizing an NGO campaign.


First term                                                   Second term                                                       Third term

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