Important: the application period for the fourth edition has not started yet, and we do not have a confirmed date. We expect it to be in June, therefore the information related to first period of admission etc, will slightly change according to that.

Please fill out this form as an expression of interest (only for online master)

If you cannot find the answer to your questions on these pages or the FAQ section, you can reach us at

The application and selection process serves to ensure that all students meet the program’s requirements and thus guarantee an optimal work environment during the course. Applications must be submitted online and all required documents must be provided (see below).

The Official Starting date is the second week of October, 2024.


Application for admission: June

Notice of admission: start of July.

SECOND PERIOD Application for admission: from July 1st to August 15th Notice of admission: by September 1st, 2024  

Online application

Before beginning the application, please read the information on this page, confirm that you meet the admission requirements, ensure that the registration process is open, and have the required documentation ready. (More details on this process pending, if you are interested in applying for the 2024-2025 academic year please make sure you have the documentation and meet the criteria)

Admission requirements

– Undergraduate degree

– Professional working proficiency of written and spoken English– free self evalution can be done here Please upload/include in application. If your offfical studies have been in an English speaking country, or are a native speaker, that also counts as proficiency.

Selection criteria

The selection of students will be carried out taking into account:

– Motivation (40%)

– Relevant experience (30%)

– Relevant studies (30%)

Required documentation (PDFs only)

– Official Bachelor Degree (if still pending, please click here. Please notice that according to UAB policies, you must have your bachelor’s degree before the starting date of the master’s). Please read carefully the information regarding the formalities of the Bachelor’s Degree here.

– DNI, NIE, TIE, or valid passport

– CV with 2 contacts for references

– Motivation Letter (max 2 pages)

Email the required documentation (mentioned above) with the subject line “Application of Surname_Name for part-time/full-time Masters” to the coordination team at

You will receive an email to inform you of the outcome of the selection process via the email you used to apply. Be sure to check your spam folder.

After being accepted into the masters you will receive a second email with instructions on how to complete the steps to be admitted and to enroll as a student at the UAB. Then you will be able to pay the tuition fee by carefully following the steps below

This is the code of the full masters: 4561/4, in which case the admin is easier, you are applying for the whole program

If you are enrolling part time, you will have to enrol for the modules separately, so the admin is more complicated, as you have to enrol in 3 modules for the 1st year and 2 modules for the second year.  In this case you will have to enrol for Fundamentals, Living without Growth, and the Seminars during your first year /part time load.  Here are the codes for each module:  Fundamentals of Degrowth: 4591/4 Living Without Growth: 4593/4;   Seminars: 4596/4

In the second year you will be taking Economics of Degrowth: 4592/4, Policies and Politics for Degrowth: 4594/4, and Degrowth and the Pluriverse 4598/4  , On the UAB platform you will enroll in these individually, following the same procedure as you would for the full masters, and then clicking on “cursos de especialización – modulo” instead of “master”. 

Tuition fee

4000 €



For questions please contact the coordination team at:

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