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Application process and scholarships

1.- How likely is it that the programme will actually run?

As we already mentioned, we are waiting the final approval from the University, which has to happen soon. However, the master will run with a minimum of 15 students.

2.- What is the deadline to apply to the master?

The inscription process for the academic year 2019-2020 will open in May 2019. The deadline will be the end of september 2019.

3.- When exactly will registration in the programme officially end? Is it possible to be officially registered in September?

The inscription process is now open and the deadline is 29th of september 2018. In any case, registration will close when we have 35 registered students.

4.- Do you think the price is coherent with the values of degrowth and political ecology?

Legitimate question. We have debated it a lot. Basically, there are two factors. First, this is the minimum fee that UAB allows for this type of master. Second, this master is not subsidized by the university or any other bodies. Therefore, it is a self-funded master. The fees go to pay an overhead to the university, a coordinator and the teachers. Up to now we have worked on it voluntarily, but once it starts running, we would like to remunerate work as fairly as possible. For the moment, it is the best configuration we managed to come out with. We would like to improve it, for example by offering scholarships. If you have any ideas, please do let us know.

5.- Is there any possibility to get financial support for this course?

As mentioned previously, the master is self-funded. The fees go to pay an overhead to the university, a coordinator and the teachers, so we are not able to offer scholarships this year.

6.- I would like to enrol in individual modules, Could give me some extra information about this possibility, such as: tuition costs per module, the need for (pre)registration and deadlines

Yes, it is possible to register for individual modules of the master.

Tuition cost are 66 €/ECTS.

Registration for individual modules have to be done at least one week before it starts the fall, winter or spring term in which the module takes place.


Master program and classes

7.- Where can I see the details of the master program?

Here you can find the program of the master

In the menu “Program” you can find a more detailed descriptions of courses

8.- When exactly will the programme begin, i.e. which date in October?

The first class of the master will be the first week of October . There will be an official welcome few days before that (date still to be defined).

9.- When exactly does the programme officially ends? What determines whether the programme finishes in June or September? Is it possible to conduct the final project in July and August (instead of May and June or September)?

In order to finish the master you have to present your master final work. There will be two calls, one in June and the other in September. Therefore, when you finish the master it depends on your work. In fact, you can start developing your master final work when you are ready to do so. The issue of doing the final work in July or August would be whether you have enough time to develop a good work.

10.- Is it possible to simultaneously be enrolled in another Master’s degree at another University in another country, which is conducted completely online and which I have already completed parts of (i.e. it wouldn’t be full workload)?

There is no problem of doing another master at the same time. Just be aware that you have to attend classes and have enough time to perform well in both courses. As well, there will be no concessions or exceptions due to the fact that you are studying for two master’s degrees



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