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Application process and scholarships

1. When do admissions open?

Admissions for the 2021-2022 academic year will open in April 2021 and close in August of the same year. Students from overseas that will require a student visa should apply early on.

2. Do I need to have a Bachelor’s degree in order to apply? 

Yes. This is an indispensable document. Please read the formal requirements of the bachelor’s degree here.

3. Can I send in an academic transcript instead of the Bachelor’s degree? 


4. What documents do I need in order to apply?

Once inscriptions are open you can apply to the program through the UAB platform (more information here). You will be required to attach the following documents in PDF format:

  • CV with 2 contacts for references
  • Bachelor degree
  • Transcripts
  • Motivation letter
  • Passport/DNI

5. Do I need to present an English certificate in order to apply?

English proficiency is required because all classes are taught in English and students must be able to participate in the lectures and activities in this language. No language certificate is needed.

6. What is the background or profile needed to apply?

All backgrounds are welcome to apply.

7. Are there any scholarships available?

Activist Scholarship (this scholarship is already full for 2021-2022)

Every year we strive to offer up to two full scholarships (or 4 half scholarships) covering the tuition fee. The criteria to assign the scholarships are the following:

  • Be an activist
  • Affected by a socio-environmental conflict
  • People from low-middle income countries will be prioritized

In order to apply for a scholarship, you must apply to the program and be accepted. Once you receive the Notice of Admission you then have to submit the following documents to coordinacio.master.political.ecology@uab.cat:

  • Letter explaining the need for a scholarship
  • 2 letters of reference confirming you meet one or all the requirements referred to above and the need for a scholarship.

Deadline for submission: July 2nd.

Technical Support Half-Scholarship (this scholarship is already full for 2021-2022)

This year we are offering a half-scholarship covering half the tuition fees, for Technical Support in class. This would involve being responsible for setting up camera and microphone equipment in each class as well as recording and uploading the Zoom sessions and creating break-out rooms. If you have any experience in this field and would like to apply to this scholarship, once being accepted onto the program you must then send your CV along with a letter outlining your relevant experience to  coordinacio.master.political.ecology@uab.cat

We will prioritize candidates who can come to Barcelona in July for a 2-day training. Deadline for submission: July 2nd.

Please note that these scholarships cover the tuition fee, but do not include daily expenditures or living costs.

8. What is the tuition fee and are there any discounts?

The regular tuition fee is 3960. There are no discounts or differences attending to nationality. Only people that are certified as Alumni UAB Premium (people that have studied before at UAB and that have done the process to become Alumni Premium) have a discount on the total fee and can pay €3564.

9. I would like to enroll in individual modules, could you give me some extra information about this possibility, such as tuition costs per module, the need for (pre)registration, and deadlines

Yes, it is possible to register for individual modules of the master.

Tuition costs are 66 €/ECTS.

You must apply before the term starts. If you want to enroll in modules from the fall term, you must apply in September, the First Term will start in October. If you want to enroll in a module of the Second Term you must apply before the 28th of February. We encourage early applications once the available places for single modules are very limited. Here you can find all the information regarding the application process:

Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations of Degrowth 6 ECTS First term
Environmental Justice: Origins, Theory, Issues and Movements 6 ECTS
Political Ecology and Degrowth Economics 9 ECTS
Transformations 6 ECTS Second Term
Methodological Applications for Action-Research 9 ECTS
Professional skills in Environmental Justice and Degrowth 9 ECTS

Master program and classes

1. Will the master be presential or online?

We plan to run the master 100% presential. Depending on how the COVID-19 virus evolves in Catalunya and Spain however, we may be forced to transition classes online. Please note that although we will do everything possible to keep classes presential there is always the possibility that we will have to run classes online for part of the year.

2. Where can I see the details of the master’s program?

Here you can find the program of the current edition of the master


In the menu “Program” you can find a more detailed description of courses. An updated program for the 2021-2022 academic year will be made available in the summer of 2021.

3. When exactly will the program begin, i.e. which date in October?

The first class of the master will be the first week of October. There will be an official welcome a few days before that (date still to be defined).

4. When exactly does the program officially end? Is it possible to conduct the final project later in the year?

In order to finish the master’s, you have to present your master’s final work. There will be two calls, one in June and the other in September. Therefore, when you finish the master it depends on your project. In fact, you can start developing your master final project when you are ready to do so. The issue of doing the final project in July or August would be whether you have enough time to develop a good project. There is also the option to ask for an extension which runs till February 2023.

Taught classes will end in July 2022.

5. Is it possible to simultaneously be enrolled in another Master’s degree at another University in another country, which is conducted completely online and which I have already completed parts of (i.e. it wouldn’t be full workload)?

There is no problem with doing another master at the same time. Just be aware that you have to attend classes and have enough time to perform well in both courses. Also, note that there will be no concessions or exceptions made due to the fact that you are studying for two master’s degrees.

6. What does a regular week of class look like?

Normally classes are scheduled in the afternoon (from 14:00 or 15:00 on). Weekly there are between three to four classes,  two or three hours long.


What is environmental justice?

What is political ecology?

What is degrowth?

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