Online master´s on Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy

This is the first international master’s fully dedicated to research and policy for degrowth. The faculty consists of researchers devoting their work on degrowth-related areas and they will share and discuss their latest research with students. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of the theory of degrowth, and also delve deeper into current issues and debates, receiving training from the top academics in the field internationally. Particular attention is given to linking degrowth to questions of social and environmental justice, and building bridges to the pluriverse of ideas, which alongside degrowth, challenge extractivism and growth-based development around the world.

The course is ideal for those who want to learn more about degrowth, either after their bachelor’s degree, or after they got a master’s degree on a different topic or even started a PhD, and want to give a degrowth direction to their research and work. We welcome professionals from all walks of life who want to study degrowth and learn more about it! The course is great for people who want to learn part-time or full-time about alternatives to our current ecological and economic predicaments (see FAQ page for more info on full-time/part-time options). 

While we aspire to mobilise actors for change and provide the tools and knowledge to think critically and strategize more effectively, we are also aware that our program does not teach someone how to be an activist. This masters is explicitly research-focused and oriented towards policy-making in the Global North.

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